Zoo Decides Against Putting Jaguar to Death After Vicious Attack Since Victim Broke the Rules

Over the years, we’ve heard about a lot of tragedies taking place in zoos because of negligent human behavior. When in the zoo, it’s very easy to become fascinated by exotic animals we don’t have a chance to see in real life. That’s why so many people love taking selfies and group photos with their favorite creatures in the background. Sadly, there are some patrons who take things a bit too far.

Most zoos try to put up barriers to protect humans from dangerous animals and vice versa, as humans can also harm and injure animals. In 2019, in Litchfield Park, Arizona, a suburb of Pheonix, a woman in her 30s was viciously mauled by a jaguar at the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari.

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According to reports from emergency responders, Rural Metro Fire, the woman was attempting to take a selfie when the cat attacked. With lighting speed, the jaguar reached out and clawed the woman’s arms.

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Thankfully, people nearby managed to distract the animal by throwing a water bottle, which the creature grabbed, freeing the woman from its grasp.

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The victim was immediately rushed to a local hospital and fortunately did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Footage of the savage attack was taken by Adam Wilkerson. he happened to be at the zoo with his mom and two kids when the woman was attacked by the big cat.

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Wilkerson says that he heard her scream, and the next thing he knew, he saw her hand being clasped by its big claws. He shared details of the incident on Reddit, writing:

“It seems like pandemonium.

Everyone yelling for help. ” Wilkerson’s mother then tried to distract the jaguar by throwing a water bottle. Thankfully, the jaguar let go of the woman’s hand. He added, “We’re still in shock from it all. ”

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The woman who was attacked later admitted to climbing into the enclosure to take a selfie and has since apologized for her behavior.

Jeff Allan had also visited the same zoo before and told ABC15 that he had also been the victim of an attack by the same jaguar.

However, Allan admitted that the animal attacked him only after he reached over the enclosure’s barrier to take a video.

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He says he required eight stitches because of the attack. And Allan hired an attorney hoping the zoo would be forced to put up stronger barriers between such animals and zoo visitors.

However, Mikey Ollson, the director of the Wildlife World Zoo, explained that while this was the second time the jaguar, who’s about five years old, attacked a visitor. The creature will not be put to death. he said the attack “was not the animal’s fault and they would never harm an animal, based on human behavior.

” He added, “I think you observe the barriers – they are there for a good reason.”

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In a tweet, zoo officials stated:

“We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar. She’s a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe- not a wild animal’s fault when barriers are crossed. Still sending prayers to her and her family.”


You can watch a news report about the incident in the video below.

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