Your Stained Clothing Might Mean You Have A Very High IQ

I can remember going out to eat with my mother when I was in my early 20s. We would go to the restaurant, sit down for a meal and within a few minutes, she would have a large stain on the front of her shirt. It was something that the entire family thought was funny and she rarely ever would wear something nice out to eat because she knew that the stain would appear. What we didn’t know at the time was that it was not a matter of her being clumsy, it was actually a sign of intelligence. Science is even behind that fact!

You might be wondering, how could a stain on clothing be connected with intelligence? After all, you probably know somebody that falls into the category and you may have had some doubts about their intelligence at some time in the past. As you look down through the following post at the answer, however, you might just find that it is more than a stain, it is a badge of honor.

When we have to change our clothes after getting some soda or catchup in the middle of our shirts, we might feel like a little kid. We try to do our best to avoid getting stains on our clothing but we are likely to have them sooner or later.

Even a wedding dress can be a victim of a stain on occasion.

When you consider the fact that the wedding dress, which is the most important dress that we will wear in our lifetime can get a stain, you might feel as if it is futile to try to avoid them.

Why is science saying that intelligent people have stains on their clothing?

You might feel as if it is a matter of clumsiness but science shows that it is intelligence. They say that having stains on your clothing is a positive thing.

An intelligent person uses their brain differently than an unintelligent person. For example, your brain is in calculation mode when you raise the glass to your mouth. Your body is naturally calculating how much the glass weighs, how you should hold it and how fast you should move it so that you don’t spill the drink. If you are quite intelligent, you might have other things on your mind so the glass doesn’t quite land when it touches your lips.

Steve Johnson is the author of the study and he says: “the more unorganized your brain is, the more intelligent you are.” In other words, it isn’t a matter of being clumsy, you just are prioritizing other important things in your mind and your drink is secondary.

It can be annoying to get stains on your shirt and you may end up doing some extra laundry. Once you know that it is a matter of intelligence, however, you might just smile the next time you drop a big glob of ketchup on your shirt.

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