You’ll Have To Bring Your A-Game To Find What Is Wrong With The Picture

When we look at pictures, they often give us a feeling of some sort or another. That feeling may not necessarily be because we have anything to do with the picture. In fact, even looking at pictures that were painted hundreds of years ago can bring memories back to our minds because of something that looks familiar in them. Nostalgia is funny, and we may find that we are getting nostalgic when we look at a picture of a stranger from a place that we have never been. At times, it may even be a fictional character in a made-up location! That is sure to be the case when you look at the following picture that is straight out of Currier and Ives.

The picture is of a man walking his dog in the snow. It is beautiful, and perhaps it may remind you of some memory that you have from walking a dog in the snow as well. In any case, it may bring back to mind a simpler time in life when we weren’t dealing with so many stressful situations. There is something about the picture, however, that many people tend to miss. It’s the fact that there is something hiding in it and unless you have a very keen eye, you are not going to see it. That is true, even though we have told you that there is something wrong with it! Look at the picture carefully and try to figure it out on your own. If you are ready to give up or want to check your solution, look at the next page.

Here is another one to try.

Did you figure it out? Yes, there were footprints missing in the snow.

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