Woman Has Miracle Baby Even Though She Was Born With No Muscles

Sheree Psalia has always had a difficult time in life. Ever since she was a baby, she struggled as a result of a rare genetic disease that left her without any muscle tissue in her legs or arms.

Doctors didn’t give her much of an opportunity for life, let alone having children. She struggled from that moment forward, but she was able to prevail and bypass the date that her doctors had given her parents, that she wouldn’t live past her first birthday.

Sharee has Rthrogryposis multiplex congenital, and her doctors had told her that she would never get out of a wheelchair. She had 20 surgeries but all of them had failed. That didn’t stop her from trying to get all that she could out of life.

As you can imagine, she had to deal with a lot of bullies growing up but she was able to overcome that difficulty. She also met her husband, Chris, when she was at University. He also has a hereditary disease that affects his lower spine.

The couple got married in 2015 and they wanted to have their own family. Sharee had a miscarriage the first time they tried but they decided to try again.

She said that the doctors had told her she probably wouldn’t be able to have children but they didn’t give her a reason why. That is when something happened that nobody expected.

The doctors thought that it would take a miracle for her to have a child but miracles happen every day. They moved to Melbourne and she gave birth via cesarean section to a young boy who weighed 5 1/2 pounds.

Perhaps the most beautiful part is that the child was perfectly healthy and didn’t have any hereditary diseases. Both Chris and Sharee had been concerned about that situation but there was nothing to worry about.

Although they still face challenges as parents, they are doing what they can to be all that their child needs them to be. It’s a daily struggle, but they are doing their best to be a happy family.

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