What You See First In This Image Dictates Your Personality

The expression, “what you see is what you get,” is one we place a bit too much stock in sometimes. What you see in front of your eyes isn’t always what it seems to be. The world is full of tricky optical illusions that fool the eye. Take nature, for example. Lots of folks have walked into unpleasant surprises while walking in the woods as a perfectly camouflaged snake sat right in their path. Even the military’s found ways to hide their forces from ariel surveillance using special illusionary tricks.

Of course, there are ways to train your eyes to see beyond your first impression using special visual puzzles that push your powers of perception to their limits. Take a look at the image below. The first thing you notice reveals something important about your personality.

What’s the first thing you see?

Let’s look at all the images and what they say about your personality.

The Woman

If you see the woman in the picture first, it means that you often focus on other people first rather than yourself.


The trees are a big part of this image, and if you see them first, that means you have a tenancy to follow goals and find success. Your strong personality also makes you very charismatic.

Three Heads

If you saw the heads first, you tend to seek out new things and have a curious mind that’s constantly learning. You are also a very goal-oriented person, and once you focus on something, it’s hard for you to switch your focus to something else.

Faces In the Trees

If you see faces in the tree trunks, then you are likely to have a very outgoing personality. You often rely on your creativity in just about everything you do.

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