What You First See Reveals Your True Nature

Getting to know someone can be a tricky, nearly impossible task. That’s because it’s hard to determine what’s real and what they want us to see. Almost everyone has a hidden side to themselves that most people never see. For relationships such as friends and family, that is perfectly fine. But, when it comes to someone, you may one day marry, you naturally want to know as much about them as possible before committing your life to that person.

One trick used by psychologists involves image tests in which a person identifies the first thing they see. These evaluations can offer deep insights into how a person’s mind works. Take a close look at the image below and note the first thing that jumps out at you. Then check your answer below to see what you focused on first says about your personality.

Image Source: Timeless Life


Image Source: Timeless Life

Your friends and acquaintance would describe you as a balanced and calm person. In your life, the things you truly value are harmony and peace, so you avoid conflict at all costs.[1]

You spend most of your time planning and thinking about the future, learning new skills, and building self-confidence. You associate with kind and gentle people who are always ready to assist you even under the most challenging circumstances.

You live life to the fullest and love trying new things while seeking out new challenges to test your well-honed skills.

You are the kind of person who’s likely to have many hobbies but finds it difficult to stay focused on only one thing. This is why your desires change very often.


Image Source: Timeless Life

You are a very noble person who’s always willing and ready to assist others without the expectation of anything in return. Everything you give is from the heart. You are firm in your desire to help others which is why your life is filled with happiness.

You are also a very lucky person on whom fate often smiles. Unless you lose your ideals, happiness will continue being a constant companion. Remember that wealth is more than just money, but anything that brings fulfillment and joy into your life.

Woman’s Face

Image Source: Timeless Life

You are a strong believer in honesty and believe it’s the most important trait for relationships and something everyone should have. You also have a lot of empathy for others, and you live your life by the golden rule, “Do onto others as you would have done unto you.”

However, sometimes you trust the wrong people who take advantage of your forthright nature.

You are also an incredibly kind person. You believe in traditionalism in many aspects of your life and dislike taking risks and disrupting your comfortable routines. If things don’t turn out exactly as you planned, you get very nervous.


Image Source: Timeless Life

You are a very intelligent, trustworthy, and rational person. You dislike improvisation, but you can make the most out of any situation because you tend to always plan well in advance to achieve the best results possible.

By nature, you are an extremely talented person who is always striving to do better. But, you must be careful that you don’t allow yourself to become too obsessed with being perfect. This attitude can prevent you from being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You are a person who savors everything about life and takes note of the simple pleasures such as beautiful flowers and singing birds.


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