What You First Notice in This Image Could Reveal Your True Personality

We’ve all heard of the popular expression that says, “what you see is what you get.” However, often people put a bit too much stock in this phrase. What we see in front of our eyes often doesn’t tell us the whole truth. However, what we first notice may reveal a hidden truth about our personalities. Beneath the thin layer within our mind known as consciousness lies an unfathomably deep sea of thoughts called our subconscious. It’s here where automatic functions such as breathing and blinking are controlled and where our deeper inner thoughts reside. There are so many layers to who we are that people often spend a lifetime trying to understand themselves only to scratch the surface barely.

Below is an interesting image test that can give you a deeper insight into the inner working of your mind and reveal your hidden personality.

Take a look at the image below. What is the first thing you notice?

Image Source: Timeless Life

Here’s what each image represents.

The Woman

If you notice the woman in the image first, this means you are more likely to focus on others rather than yourself.

The Trees

As the trees represent a major part of this image, noticing them first means that you have a habit of following goals to achieve success. You have a strong personality which makes you very charismatic.

The Three Heads

Seeing the three heads first means you tend to search out for new things to satisfy your curious mind that’s always learning. You are also a goal-oriented individual, and once you set your sights on something, it isn’t easy to switch focus to anything else.

The Faces in the Trees

Should you notice the hidden faces in the trees first, this means you probably have a very outgoing personality. You will often rely on your boundless creativity to influence everything you touch.

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