We Challenge You to Find All the Animals Hidden in This Image — Most Can’t Do It!

Finding the hidden truths in life is a part of our human experience that makes life worthwhile. The fascination with discovery is responsible for humankind’s greatest scientific breakthroughs and art. Speaking of art, it’s often been the medium used to help jumpstart our imaginations. Very often, artists will use clever tricks to create puzzles that push our perceptive minds to their limits. Taking on these challenges helps us grow in so many ways and see the world from new perspectives. One such puzzle seems fairly simple, almost too easy, but most folks can’t solve it.

Below, there’s an image of several animals mixed together. Your job is to count how many animals are hidden within this strange picture.[1]

Image Source: Timeless Life

Doesn’t seem too hard, does it? Well, don’t be so sure. Take your time and really study the picture. Once you are ready, scroll down to see if you’ve cracked the puzzle.

Scroll Down

The Solution

The animals hidden in this image include a snail, cow, bear, wolf, butterfly, cat, bird, rat, rabbit, and one more snail (however, some feel this last creature is debatable).

Image Source: Timeless Life

Thanks for playing. Please be so kind as to pass this puzzle along to your friends and family?


  1. “How Many Animals Are Hidden In This Picture? Only 1% Of People Can Find Them All” Timeless Life.

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