This ‘Simple’ Math Problem Confounds Nearly Everyone — But We Know You Can Crack It

Most people scoff when they first see this equation, thinking it’s mere child’s play. But once they attempt to solve it, they quickly understand just why most people fail. Sometimes, looks can be deceiving, and things we think are simple end up being a lot more complicated than we imagined.

If you’re looking for a clue, we can tell you that the “natural” order you solve problems will not work on this one.

And this mathematical enigma’s been shared thousands of times worldwide, with very few coming up with the right answer on their own. [1]

Do you think you can crack it? We believe you can!

Image Source: Timeless Life

Okay, if you’re finished with your calculations, scroll down to find out the correct answer.

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The Answer

Okay, here’s how you solve this tricky problem.

First, since we have no exponents or parentheses, we first solve the multiplication and division.

Start by dividing 7 by 7 to get 1, then multiply 7 times 7 to get 49.

The problem is now 7 + 1 + 49 – 7 =?

This means you only have to deal with subtraction and addition, so we start from left to right

7 + 1 = 8

8 + 49 =57

Then finally, 57 – 7 = 50!

And that’s how it’s done!

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