This Girl Scout Troop Gives Membership and Support to Homeless Girls

It’s about to be that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about: Girl Scout Cookie season. I’ve got mixed feelings about the Girl Scout organization because I sometimes think it’s a cookie company that has children selling their stuff for them. My opinion is supported by my wife, who was a Girl Scout leader. She says that the organization provides almost nothing except the name and the troop leader and girls’ parents pay for everything. However, just when I get to thinking this way, I see a story that makes me realize that Girl Scouts really makes a difference in girls’ lives.

One special troop called Troop 6000 started up in 2017 and what makes this troop so awesome is that it offers memberships to New York girls who are homeless or have been homeless. An employee of the organization, Giselle Burgess, said that she got the idea to start the troop after she experienced homelessness with her own five children. These days, the troop has in excess of 700 members in 15 locations. They offer resources, classes, and support to girls who have experienced being homeless. Other Girl Scout troops take off in the summertime, but Troop 6000 runs all year long.

This gives these girls the chance to enjoy activities like crafts, camping, coding, and even job-shadowing journalists and attorneys. For young girls who have uncertainty in their lives, the troop gives them something they can count on. They know that the troop is something that will always be there for them, even if they carry all of their belongings in a backpack, and even if they move in the middle of the night sometimes.


The troop leader right now is Ebony, a woman whose daughter is a troop member. She says that Troop 6000 taught her little girl that she can make a difference. To buy cookies and support this troop, visit their website. Here’s a video about the troop.

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