They Banned This ‘Sexy’ Commercial But Obviously They Never Watched The End

We often hear that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I think that is a very truthful statement, but sometimes the truthfulness of it is seen in ways that we wouldn’t initially think.

A prime example is the following video that we have at the end of this article. When you watch it, you’ll probably think that it is one of the sexiest commercials that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. As it turns out, you aren’t very far from the truth.

Commercials have a way of really motivating us to do something that will may not even be on our radar. It could be making a decision to buy something or perhaps just liking something that we may not have thought about before. In any case, this commercial has a rather interesting backstory.

When you first see it, you look at a group of two men and two women who are playing a game of strip poker. It’s one of those games that you may have played before but it certainly is fun to be a spectator.

It seems as if everybody has a good hand except for one woman, who is a little nervous because she is not wearing very much any longer. The men are happy about the fact that she now has to remove her top, but suddenly, there’s a noise from behind.

By this point, you have probably judged this book by its cover but you are about to be fed a rather interesting and fun surprise. Watch the video to see it for yourself.

Source: YouTube

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