There Is A Raven Hiding And I Doubt You Will Find It

Puzzles are an interesting way to pass the time. They also can keep us sharp, because it forces us to use our minds in ways that it typically wouldn’t be used if we were just sitting idly and doing nothing.

There are also many different types of puzzles, some of which are easy and others are quite difficult. The one that we have for you below is on the extremely difficult end of the scale. In fact, it is one that has stumped the Internet for the most part.

As you look at the picture below, it may not appear as if there is anything wrong but it seems as if the man has lost his pet raven. Your job is to find the raven. Can you do it?

Try your best to find the hidden raven in this picture. If you find it, you are better than 99% of the others who tried. If you didn’t find the raven, you can always check the next page for the solution.

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