The Farmer Can’t Find His Wife And Neither Can You

Have you ever heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words? In many cases, I think that is a clear understatement. A picture is simply a snapshot of time, and when we look at it, we are looking at something that will either remind us of somewhere we’ve been, someone we’ve known or perhaps we will be looking at something from a complete stranger. In any case, I think that most of us would agree that 1000 words is an understatement in many cases. In fact, it is only scratching the surface when we look at some pictures, and the one we have for you here is a good example.

What you are seeing here is a farmer and it looks as if he is doing a lot of hard work. Of course, where there’s a farmer, there is sure to be a farmer’s wife as well but it doesn’t appear as if she is anywhere in the picture. That is where you come in. Not only is the farmer’s wife in the picture, she is hiding in plain sight but most people who look for her are unable to see her. It is your job to scan the picture and to try to find out what you can learn by looking at it. Try to look beyond what you see and see if you are able to find the farmer’s wife. If you can’t find her, look at the following page for the solution.

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