Test Your Powers of Perception With These Mind-Bending Images

Did you know that despite how powerful supercomputers become each year, they still can’t hold a candle to the human brain’s capabilities to process the universe? While computers can solve math problems, they process billions of impulses, such as emotions, thoughts, memories, sensory, subconscious, and probably concepts we haven’t even imagined yet.

Our brains are truly remarkable biological machines and many times when we are stumped by a problem, our brains already know the answer. Often it has to wait for our conscious mind to catch up, a process we call our “ah-ha” moment, right? Epiphanies are nothing more than that, our thinking mind catching up with the subconscious.

In this series of puzzles, we really put your powers of perception to the test. In fact, in the end, your perceptive skills will be graded. Now. the key to this test is to answer honestly, or you won’t get much enjoyment out of it.

Remember to be as honest as possible.

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