Teacher Fires Up The Students By Dancing To ‘Uptown Funk’ With Entire School

It’s just a fact that most students don’t think of most of their teachers as fun people. They only see them as folks who ask hard questions and judge them based on their answers. For a lot of kids, teachers are the ones who dole out the most fun-killing work in lives. And to be fair, many teachers are not that fun. Some only see their jobs as sticking to the lesson plan while keeping disruptions down to a minimum. While the vast majority of teachers are very hard working professionals who care about the welfare of their students, there’s a pervasive stereotype in most people’s minds of the clock-watching bored teacher just phoning it in every day for a paycheck.

However, there are plenty of brilliant, fun, and vibrant teachers out there looking to do more than teach subjects like algebra and chemistry. These people take the time to get to know their kids and let them know how much they care. There’s a saying that goes something like this: “Kids don’t care how many adults know until they know how much they care.” For a teacher named Scot A. Pankey, this saying seems to be his guiding philosophy. Pankey teaches at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas. One day, he and his students decided to have a little fun. So they came up with a fun idea to make a music video, featuring Pankey and a few dozen students dancing to “Uptown Funk.” The beginning of the video shows Pankey sitting at his desk, looking bored as the music starts to play.

Source: YouTube

Then he jumps up and starts dancing through the class. Once outside the classroom, he’s joined by two students who start to boogie down with him for a bit. Next, the trio joins up with a larger group of students, and they all continue to dance. The entire routine was done very well, with some pretty slick choreography. This teacher definitely has an excellent rhythm!

Source: YouTube

Check out the video below to dance along with Pankey and his amazing students.


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