School Steps Up and Opens On-Campus Grocery Store To Help Out Students From Low-Income Families During Pandemic

It’s ironic how a global pandemic, in which we practice social distancing to keep away from other people, has actually served to bring so many communities closer together. Week after week, we hear more stories about folks finding ways to look out for others in need while so many are struggling to make ends meet this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of thousands of businesses, costing perhaps millions of jobs worldwide. Those caught in the crunch of business closures and staff reductions are doing their best to feed their families while figuring out how to pay for other expenses. For example, in Dallas, Texas, we’ve seen two-mile-long lines whenever a local food bank held food fairs for residents.

And now, a high school in Sanger, Texas, is stepping up to help low-income families. Anthony Love, principal of Linda Tutt High School, says that his school has found a brilliant way to give back to their community. Many of the students who attend his school come from low-income families who have been hit hard by the pandemic. This is why Linda Tutt High opened a fully-functioning grocery store on-campus. The school’s administrators partnered up with First Refuge Ministries and Albertsons to bring this inspirational idea to life.

The school also conducts weekly food drives to help feed their community.

The grocery store serves as an invaluable resource that will help students and their families survive, and best of all, it does not accept money as payment.

Students can shop at the stores for food and essential items by using the school’s point system. They can earn points via office referrals, which reward a student for working hard. For example, a can of carrots is one point. The system serves as a way to encourage students to focus on their studies.


It would be interesting to see how this program could be adopted throughout the country. Maybe the system could also award students for community service and other activities?

For more on this heartwarming story, you can watch the video below.