Popular New Way to Upcycle Old Golf Balls: Create Whimsical Garden Creatures

I’m not a golfer, but my understanding is that a problem that golfers run into is an excess of golf balls that aren’t good enough to use for play anymore but are too good to toss away. Also, there’s the problem of putting garbage into the environment. How awesome would it be to find a good use for anything we no longer use? Well, if your problem is used golf balls, there’s an adorable new trend that you’re going to want to try. People typically don’t think about golf balls that are outside the confines of golf courses, golf club bags, and golf carts, but how about in the garden?

As it turns out, used golf balls offer an unexpectedly cute DIY project that can be totally addictive for any creative person who loves unconventional projects. This is also a super easy project to tackle and can be fun for the whole family or any small group. If you’re reading this because you have golf balls to recycle, consider donating yours to a school or daycare center. They’re always looking for unusual and creative craft ideas for their students. When you decorate a golf ball, you can put your finished product anywhere, but a lot of folks are putting them around their yards and gardens.

They’re so dang cute that it’s hard to believe that these were once just plain old white golf balls. The ones that are painted to look like bugs are adorable in the garden, and who doesn’t love ladybugs? As it turns out, the plain white background on the golf balls makes an ideal canvas and they make perfect little round ladybugs that look adorable and chubby. This is such a great project for kids.

Another idea is for groups of older people to paint these. For example, a fun nursing home activity could be painting these balls and then putting them out in the gardens of the facility, or even in the inside plants, whether real or artificial. You’re also not limited to just ladybugs. How about a bee?

Get creative and have fun.

Photo: Instagram and Instagram

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