Police Give Specific Instructions on What to Do if a Caller Asks ‘Can You Hear Me’

We’ve all gotten wrong number phone calls. Back in the day before caller ID, it used to be very annoying and prank calls were a popular thing. These days, however, the biggest danger is scam calls. Although phones are handy for sure, it’s getting harder and harder to know how to identify a scam call. This tip is one that police have shared, so it’s a good one to remember. The scam begins with a simple and innocent question: “Can you hear me?” Most people will automatically say “yes” and then the caller will just hang up. Most of us wouldn’t even think twice about it.

In fact, we would probably assume it’s a wrong number and just hang up ourselves. However, the scammer got one very important word from you: the word yes.” The purpose of the call is to get you to say “yes,” and they record your answer to use at a later date. One variation of this popular scam is that the scammer will use the recorded “yes” to get you to agree to buy services or products. Then they will call you back again and pretend to be a business like a security service or cruise ship company. They’ll ask you to pay for something you never wanted, and if you deny purchasing it, they’ll come back with your recorded “yes.”

Then they will try to strong-arm victims and say that your recorded response will allow them to take you to court. In short, they’re trying to bully you into paying now and many people simply buckle under pressure. Another version of this scam has people using a recorded voice to call automated systems that utility companies or credit card companies use to make purchases. Then they will use your stolen additional information that they’ve obtained in a security breach.

How can you avoid this problem? First of all, check your bank account daily to make sure no unauthorized transactions have come out. Also, if you don’t recognize the caller, don’t answer the phone. You can even keep your phone on “do not disturb” so that you don’t get unwanted calls. Also, be careful how you respond on the phone to strangers. If someone asks you something strange, insist that they identify themselves. Police officer Jo Ann Hughes says to tell them that you know they’re a scammer and just hang up.

Image: Pixabay

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