Obnoxious Teens Get Put In Their Place By A Smart Janitor

We all go through a difficult time in life and that time is known as our teenage years. During that time, we may feel as if we know everything there is to know about living but as we get older, we realized that we may have been falling short of the mark.

One of the biggest problems that many teenagers face is peer pressure. To be candid, it can get them in trouble but sometimes, it also makes them do things that they might not otherwise do. This includes doing something that may be unkind toward someone else.

That factor is nicely illustrated in the video we have for you below. It shows a group of teenage girls who not only didn’t care about the person they were harming, they also did everything they could in order to take it to the next level.

The thing is, they were doing these to the school janitor. Quite honestly, janitors are just trying to support themselves and their families and they often do jobs that other people would not be willing to do.

Of course, this group of girls had not considered that at all when they were doing what they did. They just continued to do it and then when they thought they were getting away with it, they picked it up and took it further.

The thing that they weren’t expecting, however, is the fact that the janitor was smarter than they were. As a matter of fact, when he had them come into the bathroom for a little speech, they got more than what they anticipated.

You can watch it all unfold in this hilarious video:

Source: YouTube

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