Mother of 5 Makes Desperate 2 AM 911 Call After Looking In Her Kitchen Cabinet

Every loving parent wants only what’s best for their kids. However, there are times when we all can use a helping hand to obtain it.

This is what motivated a mother of five children in Utah to make a desperate call to 911 at 2 am one morning. The reason why she needed emergency services?

The woman could not feed her infant.

Audio from the 911 calls reveals how Shannon Bird told the dispatcher about her situation. She said her breast milk was dried up and out of baby formula. Shannon’s six-week-old daughter was hungry, and the mom needed to do something quickly.

Shannon told the dispatcher that her husband wasn’t home but away at work, and her four other kids were all asleep. One of her kids also had a broken leg.

She also explained that she initially tried calling her neighbors, but no one answered. Shannon had never been in this situation before. It seemed she had run out of options to feed her child.

After concluding the call, officers from the local police department arrived at Shannon’s home with a gallon of milk. However, they soon realized her child was a newborn and left to return with infant formula.

You can hear the officer telling Shannon that he’d be right back with some baby formula on the body cam footage. They also note how adorable her baby girl was.

The officers admitted they had never had such an emergency call before, but they were delighted to be of service!

You can also watch a video about Shannon’s story below.

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