Most People Totally Miss The Obvious Error In This Camel Picture

Are you the type of person that enjoys doing puzzles? I think that most people like them to a certain extent, with some absolutely obsessing over them and others just doing them on occasion. It really doesn’t matter what category you happen to fall in, however, they have benefits that often tend to fly under the radar. Most of us look at puzzles as something to do what we have a few minutes of extra time or perhaps just to pass an afternoon when we don’t want to think about anything stressful in life. When you stop to think about it, however, puzzles can help us both mentally and, in some cases, can strengthen our eyesight.

The puzzle that you see below falls into both of those categories, and it does so in a very interesting way. What you are looking at is probably a very familiar scene for many people who live in a desert, but is not necessarily one that you are going to see every day. As you look at it, you probably find it to be interesting but there is also something else that you need to consider. Something is very wrong with this picture and most people tend to miss it. Can you see what is missing? Try to find it and then check the next page for the answer.

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