Most People Can Never Guess The 4th Sister’s Real Name

Puzzles are forms of entertainment that both thrill and challenge us as nothing else can. The struggle we feel as our minds mull over a challenging puzzle or riddle is instantly eclipsed by the jubilation we feel after solving it. It feels good to crack a hard puzzle, especially one that most people get wrong. There’s nothing like sporting the bragging rights that comes with solving a challenging puzzle. You feel like an absolute genius!

Today we have three tricky puzzles for you to solve, each requiring careful attention to detail. Be warned, while these questions look easy at first glance, they are pretty tough.

Do your best and good luck!

Puzzle 1: How Many Holes Are In This T-Shirt?

It may seem like the answer is obvious, but you really have to think this one all the way through.

Puzzle 2: Tracy’s mom has four children. One is named April, another named May, and the third is named June. What’s the name of the 4th child?

Seems easy enough, right? But, most folks answer wrong on their first try!

Puzzle 3: This man was born in 1945, but he’s only 30 years old and perfectly healthy today. How can this be?

Now, this one stumps a lot of folks. Some serious outside-the-box thinking is needed to solve it!

Okay, if you’re ready for the answers, scroll down.

Here Are the Solutions!

1. The t-shirt has a total of 8 holes. Take a look at the picture below to see where they all are.

2. The answer is Tracy. If you paid close attention to the first few words of the question, the answer was obvious. “Tracy’s mom.”


3. The question never stated 1945 was a year. Most people only assume it represents. However, it means the man’s hospital room number was born in this case!


Thanks for playing. Please be so kind as to pass these puzzles on to your friend and family.

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