Mom Wants To Give Up Son With Down Syndrome So Dad Raises Him Alone

We sometimes talk about the love that a mother has for her children but there is also a lot of love that happens between a father and a child as well. At times, we see this come through very clearly and that was the case with a man by the name of Evgeny Anisimov. He was only 33 years old and a husband at the time, but it was a problem that came up in his marriage that was just more than he could stand. It happened after his son, Misha was born.

After Misha was born, they learned that the child had down syndrome. As you can imagine, it was a devastating thing to learn and any parent will tell you that it can be difficult to put the pieces back together. Although Evgeny struggled with the diagnosis, he still wanted to be a great dad but his wife had different feelings. She knew that there were a lot of financial troubles and other difficulties ahead, so she wanted to give her son into foster care. Evgeny decided that he wasn’t going to have any part of it, so he stepped up to the plate and became the father he knew he could be.

One of the difficulties that Evgeny faced was understanding down syndrome, as it can be something complex to understand for a new parent. Down syndrome is a disorder that is caused by a chromosome issue and there is no cure for it. The child would need to be cared for in a special way every day, but he was willing to care for his son and he is doing a great job.

The father spoke to Bored Panda, saying that he wanted to support others that were going through a similar situation. He wanted to inspire them by his own example, and it seems as if he is going a great job of it.

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