Mom Sparks Debate Online for Having Sons Carry Tampons for Friends Just in Case

I know that some men are slightly embarrassed to go to the women’s hygiene department at the store to buy tampons or sanitary napkins for their wives or girlfriends (or moms). I’ve never been self-conscious about this, but I do understand if some guys are. One mom online recently sparked a debate when she shared that she encourages her teenage boys to carry sanitary pads or tampons in case a female friend happens to have a bleed-through accident. The mom is Tara Ahrens, and she has two sons and two daughters. She recently shared her methods on a private Facebook group, Pantsuit Nation.

In the group, Tara shared a photo of her two sons, 15-year-old Micah and 16-year-old Elijah, that she took when they were doing some back-to-school shopping at their local Target store. Tara captioned the photo to explain what was happening. She said that she is trying to teach her boys to have sensitivity, and that included buying the first bra for their little sister “because breasts happen.” The mom added that she has both of her sons carry a pad and a tampon in their backpacks just in case one of their female friends need one. She calls herself a mom who is attempting to erase “gender taboo.”

Later, Tara revealed that the post in the group went viral quickly, getting more than 65,000 reactions and prompting many other moms in the group to share stories about times they needed feminine hygiene products and they didn’t have them. I’ve heard some horror stories myself. My wife shared one with me from her youth and it was eye-opening. The fact is, this is a natural bodily function for women and around the world, the lack of sanitary products is a huge concern for women.

In short, women who experience this situation of not having the supplies they need often feel embarrassment and shame, and that’s just wrong. However, Tara shared in an article for CafeMom that not everyone who read the post was positive about it. Some people were offended that she’s trying to break the taboo around this issue. However, Tara is adamant and explained to her sons that these things happen to women and they’re “mortifying” and “traumatizing.” She wants her sons to be aware of how important it is to be a friend in this situation. Check out this helpful little man below.

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