‘Mom, It’s Me’: Mom Hears Child Knocking At Door Two Years After Her Son Died

Grief is not something you “just get over,” this is especially true for parents who lose a child. It’s a painful burden that they carry inside their hearts forever. But, as time passes, it becomes a bit easier to live with the heartache. And there are times when you may temporarily forget it’s there. Then there are those times where it’s as raw as the day you first felt it. Time is the most important thing, taking the time to grieve appropriately, followed by a lifetime of recovery. In a story posted initially on AmoMama, a couple suffers a devastating trauma after their son suddenly passes away. However, soon a vivid dream begins a chain of events that leads them to happiness once again.

The Tragic Day

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Parents Jane and Shawn Wiley had to say goodbye to John, their only child, after the little boy was stung by several bees. John accidentally ran into a by hive near his school and went into anaphylactic shock upon being stung several times. The child was raced to the nearest emergency room, where hospital officials notified his parents. Jane and Shawn rushed over to see their son, but the doctor was leaving the ER as they arrived. Jane ran to the doctor, begging the physician not to give up on John, but it was too late by then.

The tragedy shattered the couple’s lives, and it took nearly a year for them to gather the strength to clean out their son’s old room. The heartbreaking pain hit Jane acutely every time her son’s name was mentioned, and Shawn also found it challenging to manage his grief.

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Two years after the tragedy, Jane was sitting at home when she heard a knock at their front door. When she inquired, “who’s there?” the woman listened to a small child say, “Mom, it’s me.”

At once, Jane knew this voice didn’t belong to John. Nevertheless, she could not help but rush over to the door.

When she opened it, no one was there.

However, there was a small envelope at her doorstep addressed to her and her husband. Looking around, she could see no one nearby. When she opened the envelope, she found only a small note with an address written on it: 813 Atwood Ave.

After Jane woke up, she knew right away the entire encounter was only a dream. But, it was so vivid and that she couldn’t shake its importance. Jane rushed to find a pen and paper to write down the address from her dream. She knew it was vital, although she did not yet know why.

The Address from Her Dream

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The day after, Jane went shopping at the grocery store, a chore she and John enjoyed doing together. These days she tries to rush through shopping as quickly as possible. However, once there, she notices a large flier advertisement for a children’s clothing store. But it was the store’s address that made her heart stop — 813 Atwood Ave.

Jane couldn’t believe it, and once she returned home, she explained everything that had happened to her husband. She told him how the dream felt more like a premonition and how finding the address again just couldn’t be a coincidence. Naturally, Shawn was skeptical, but he encouraged Jane to follow up on the address. They soon discovered that the address wasn’t just the location of a children’s clothing store, but it was also linked to a local orphanage where children in foster care resided. Upon further investigation, they learned three children were living at the orphanage at that time.

However, for Jane, only one of the children stood out. So, the very next day, the couple went to the orphanage to meet him. They soon learned the child’s name was Simon. The little boy lost both of his parents in a car accident, and because Simon’s autistic, it’s been difficult for the child to communicate with others — that is, aside from Simon’s imaginary friend. Also, he insisted on picking out his future family. The orphanage’s founder told the couple:

Meeting their Future Son

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While Jane and Shawn had no intentions of adopting a child, they were still anxious to meet Simon. As soon as the orphanage’s founder left them alone with the child, Simon looked up at the couple and said:

The couple’s blood froze in their veins. And as you’ve probably guessed, Simon’s imaginary friend’s name was John.

Immediately, Jane and Shawn knew that it was their destiny to adopt Simon, or rather for the child to adopt them. That week, Simon settled into John’s old room, and together they became a happy family.

In many ways, Jane’s dream did indeed come true. One day, while awake, she heard a knock at the front door along with a child’s voice saying:

“Mom, it’s me.”

Of course, this was her precious new son Simon just coming home from school.

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