Mom Can’t Stop Laughing After Receiving Urgent Text From Stuck Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Technology’s come a long way over the last 20 years. Today, it seems everything’s “smart” from our phones to our dishwashers. But, no matter how “smart” certain appliances become, they will always need humans to help them out from time to time. Recently a woman in New South Wales, Australia, shared the funny moment her “smart” robot vacuum cleaner, named “Mork,” sent her husband desperate text messages requesting help. The woman said that her husband began getting. Alarming text notifications on his phone, which was synced to Mork. It turns out the vacuum cleaner’s wheel became stuck on a ledge on the second floor.

The mom then shared a hilarious photo of her embattled vacuum cleaner perilously hanging off a “cliff” or rather a ledge on the overlook of the second floor of their home. She captioned the photo: “Husband sent me this — Mork our robot vacuum is stuck.”

Now, the smart vacuum is supposed to be equipped with “cliff sensors” that actively search for cliffs to prevent the robot from plunging to its doom. After sharing the photo in the Mums who Clean Facebook group, soon dozens of moms chimed in, commenting on how the photo made their day.

A lot of folks admitted they laughed “a bit too hard” at the poor robot’s misfortune.

Simultaneously, others shared similar stories about the crazy challenges their robot vacuums had faced in their homes.

One woman talked about how her vacuum, Bruce, was always getting up to mischief.

Another woman shared how her vacuum once took a nosedive off her staircase because it’s sensor failed.

Well, at least we all can rest a bit easier knowing robot vacuum cleaners have a very long way to go before they take over the world.


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