Little Girl Fails To Break Board So She Comes Up With A Hilarious Solution

If there’s one thing that parents are subjected to from the time that their children enter school, it is recitals. These recitals are different from one student to another, depending upon their particular talent. In some cases, it is all about listening to them play a musical instrument and in other cases, it may be watching them in a dance routine. The parents of this little girl, however, saw her doing something quite different when she was taking her first taekwondo lesson.

The little girl is so sweet and cute and she wants nothing more than to do what she is supposed to do. The teacher wants her to break a wooden plank with her foot and she is doing everything she can to get her to move in that direction. Unfortunately, the little girl was not quite understanding the process and even when she does try properly, she just can’t seem to get the board to break.

She continues to try for a little while but her ultimate solution is one that is going to put a smile on your face. In fact, people from around the world are tuning in to watch her video because it is so cute.

It was only a thin wooden board that was being used and she was to break it with her foot. It sounds simple enough for a first taekwondo lesson but the girl just didn’t quite get the concept. She would stomp on the ground and point to the board with her finger and do everything she possibly could, except what she was supposed to do.

The teacher had a difficult time not laughing and she even had three other taekwondo Masters come in to assist.

Even though the other instructors were trying to help, the little girl just couldn’t seem to get it right. After a few minutes of four different teachers trying their best she eventually just lifted the girl up and put her on the board. The girl’s weight was enough to snap the wood and everybody started laughing and applauding.

Even the girl’s father was laughing hysterically at the end of this first taekwondo lesson. She may not be ready for a black belt, but she does have the ability to make people laugh.

You can watch this viral video right here:

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