Legendary Heavy Metal Icons Metallica Talk About How Their Kids Couldn’t Care Less About Their Music

When we see some of our favorite music icons perform, it’s easy to think that their children must be among their luckiest and biggest fans. However, that’s not always the case; in fact, many artists would tell you that their children don’t really listen to their music. Now, there may be a lot of different dynamics at work here. For example, you have the fact that your mom or dad is famous, which may make kids at school instantly associate you with them. While this type of association can have its benefits, it can also overshadow your personality, and many kids may feel the need to break from that type of social typecasting.

Another factor could be the fact that these are their parents. While we all have our favorite artists, one could imagine that growing up with them as a parent could kind of dull the magic of their music just a bit when you could picture the same person yelling at you about your messy room. In this video, Metallica sits down with Jimmy Kimmel and talk about how their kids view their music. Guitarist Mark Hammett tells Kimmel that his kids think guitar playing is “boring” while they prefer playing instruments such as the cello and violin.


Meanwhile, James Hatfield and his other bandmates talk about how they got their kids listening to bands like “The Ramones,” “Deep Purple,” and “Black Sabbath” at a very early age while driving them to school.


However, all was not lost; Jimmy later showed the band a few pop celebrities who were actually big Metallica fans — like Justin Bieber, for example.

Check out this hilarious and insightful interview in the video below.

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