Learn What Your Posture Says About You By Taking This Fun Quiz

It’s amazing how much body language can tell us about people. For example, certain facial expressions and body movements automatically tell us if a person is happy or sad without them saying a word. But did you know that the way you stand can speak volumes about your personality? This fun and simple quiz can tell you just what kind of person you are just by the way you habitually stand. Take a look at the picture below. Out of these four figures, which posture would, you say you use the most?

Image Source: Timeless Life

Posture #1: Parallel

Image Source: Timeless Life

If your legs are in a parallel position, which means you place two feet together facing straight forward parallel to each other, then you have a very good posture. It helps your back keep parallel and makes you look upright and taller. [1]

This is a position often taken by those who are ready to follow orders, such as a soldier or a school teacher’s favorite student. But, while the position can come across as a bit submissive, it also radiates a certain sense of virtue. Plus, this position is also considered a natural position that often defines someone who has doubts as to how they should proceed. The closed legs can also indicate a shy or uncertain personality.

Posture #2: Legs Apart

Image Source: Timeless Life

When a person stands with their legs apart with the chest pointing out and legs extended away, it can make them appear a bit larger by taking up more space. In this posture, the hands are often in pockets, behind the back, or otherwise not visible.

This position is strongly associated with men delivering nonverbal messages of ultimate confidence and supremacy. It’s a posture that portrays toughness and one’s assertive nature.

As for women who take this posture, it’s often a way of showing men their supremacy.

This posture also draws one’s attention to the going area, a purely masculine act that also indicates the slight suggestion of danger.

Posture #3: One Leg Forward

Image Source: Timeless Life

In this position, one lege supports most of a person’s weight while the other is moved slightly forward.

The person’s upper body may be crossed or open, but the lower body’s concentration is mainly directed towards the inner thigh, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body.

People who stand in this position often feel a sense of satisfaction, relaxation, and comfortable self-reassurance. They are in the presence of someone they trust. These people can also stay relaxed in different situations and are the type who often get along very well with others.

The direction of their feet can represent different things. If their feet point towards someone, it means they are drawn into a conversation. If the free leg is pointed toward an exit, this could indicate they wish to leave.

Posture #4: Crossed Legs

Image Source: Timeless Life

In this posture, the body’s weight is unevenly distributed, revealing a striking posture if a person is leaning forward or one of caution if they are leaning back.

It’s common for women who assume this position to be signaling that she feels blocked and she’s not going anywhere.

For men, this can mean they feel they are trapped in an awkward situation.

However, there is also a time when it’s just a way to stand to shift your weight between your legs.

This can also be a display of a defensive attitude telling someone you do not wish for them to be in your space.

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