Kids Try Warheads Extreme Sour Candy For the First Time

When I was in middle school back in the ’90s, my favorite candy was Warheads, a fruit flavored hard candy with an extremely sour coating. Just looking at these little pieces of candy is enough to make millions of folks pucker their faces instinctively. Interestingly, scientists have still not figured out exactly how our sour taste cells work. These candies were invented in 1975 in Taiwan and first came to the states in the early 1980s. The small round-shaped candies have a reputation for hitting your taste buds with intense sour flavor that, after 30 seconds, starts to fade into the sweet flavored candy underneath.

The name, obviously, comes from the sensation of the sour flavor exploding in your mouth. Wally Warhead, the brand’s mascot, is depicted as a little boy with puckered lips along with a small mushroom cloud blasting out of the top of his head. Today, the company that makes Warheads is Impact Confections. The sour effects of the candy are due to its coating of malic acid. However, many are surprised to learn that these candies’ actual PH levels are a lot lower than many other popular sour candies. As for the sourest Warhead candy, in my opinion, it’s either black cherry or raspberry.


In this video, we see kids trying Warheads for the very first time.


As an adult, I confess that I found a guilty sense of savage pleasure, watching these kids step into a whole new world of sourness!


The first time you put one of these candies in your mouth, it really shocks your system.


And the thing is, you never really get used to it.

Check out the video below to watch kids trying Warheads for the first time.