Just in Time for Holiday Gatherings, Amazon Is Selling Fart Deodorizer Pads for Your Undies

Do you have a gassy loved one? Or maybe you’re the gassy one. Either way, if you have a need in your life for making farts smell a little less horrible, whether for yourself or someone else, you’re in luck. Just in time for the holidays, Amazon is selling reusable fart deodorizer pads that will keep you (or your loved one) fresh as a daisy after chowing down on all of the good holiday food. I imagine my wife will be eyeing some of these for me (just kidding). The great thing is, these could be handy for all sorts of situations, not just the holidays.

Imagine you’re going out to lunch with colleagues and load up on a delicious buffet somewhere. What always happens? Well, you get sleepy if you have a big lunch, but also, you may find yourself feeling bloated and perhaps even gassy, depending on what you ate. If you work in an open area or a cubicle, that can be a nightmare. But as long as you can keep your farts silent, you can sit there in your cubicle and far blissfully away knowing that your neighbors won’t be smelling your flatulence. Imagine the possibilities! They’re endless.

The fact is, everyone passes gas, right? If someone says they don’t, either they’re lying or they’re delusional. There’s no middle ground here. But with the Subtle Butt reusable gas neutralizers, you have the discreet protection your family wishes you had (or wishes your family member had). Don’t be ashamed if it’s you who needs them. At least you’re trying to do something about it, after all. And wouldn’t these make a great White Elephant gift at a gift exchange? I’d love to receive them, to be honest.


They are reusable for up to six months and they’re a great stocking stuffer. They’re made of soft fabric-covered antimicrobial activated carbon pads that are discreet, thin, and disposable if a little something comes out. Not that this has ever happened to me, but you never know. Get yours on Amazon for only $19.95.