Internet Gets Behind Woman Who Refused To Pick Up Drunk, Entitled 23-Year-Old Man-Boy

It’s a mom’s natural instinct to help young people. And those of us lucky enough to know really awesome moms who go out of their way to help us, even if we’re not their kids, know just how lucky we are to have people who care in our lives.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates kindness and some even feel entitled to impose upon the good-hearted nature of moms.

In this story, a mother recently related a very difficult situation she had to deal with the best way she could. However, despite the best of intentions, the whole thing became a huge mess that ended with ranting and screaming from another mom.

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Unsure if she did the right thing, the mom posted in a group on the Mumsnet forum asking others to give their opinions on her actions.

User MinibusLift related her story and then asked, “am I being unreasonable?”

In the post, the mom explained how she provides safe transportation for her adult kids when they wish to attend concerts, parties, or just enjoy a night out on the town. She does this out of love, wishing to ensure that they get there and home safely.


There are also times when she drives her children’s friends, and every so often, they elect not to return at the appointed time that night. She never stresses if they choose to stay where they all are. After all, these are adults. She explained:

Now, everyone understands that the mom isn’t about to wait around for them forever, especially when she’s going out of her way to pick them up.

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Nobody wants to sit in their motor waiting 40 minutes at 3 am for drunk people. Well, it appears one of the young people she was picking up decided he didn’t want to return with everyone else. The 23-year-old, she calls Alan, is her son’s friend and decided that night he wanted to stay and party a bit more.

So, without Alan, the MiniBust lift leaves the scene to make the 2-hour journey back home as the woman, and her passengers arrive just after 5 am. Exhausted, the mom hoped she could catch some shut-eye. However, her rest was cut short when she was suddenly woken up by an angry phone call at 8 am.

Now, keeping in mind, Alan, at 23-years-old is an adult responsible for his own decisions, such as the one he made the night before to stay instead of catching a ride back with everyone else.

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Other moms gave their thoughts on the situation, primarily siding with the mom over Alan and his coddling mother.

What do you think you would have done in that situation? Would you have waited for a drunk 23-year-old to change his mind at 3 am? Or, would you have done what she did?

Let us know your thoughts, and also, please be sure to pass this story along to your friends and family.

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