In Less Than 30 Seconds, Woman Gives Birth to 9lb (4kg) Baby with Just One Big Push

Yanyah Milutinović is a woman passionate about fitness. The 34-year-old woman from new york recently proved her fitness by giving birth to Vuk, her youngest child, last June. And throughout her entire pregnancy, she never slowed down her exercise regimen wanting to be as fit as she could when it was time to deliver her son.

Yanayah says that her body had become so strong that she gave birth to her 9lb (4kg) baby boy in only 30 seconds!

After she gave birth, Yanayah says she struggled for a while to get off the sofa without assistance, but she began exercising as soon as possible to push her body to even further limits.

To get herself back in shape, the fitness influence began doing breathing exercises along with pelvic floor workouts so she could get back in the gym.

Then just two-and-a-half weeks postpartum, Yanyah was back in the gym working on rebuilding her strength then surpassing it.

Five weeks after she gave birth, the mom was squatting over 100kg. Then after six months, she is now squatting almost 2000kg!

Yanayah, who’s married to her husband Risel Martinez, 31, also has an older daughter named Smiljana, age 3, and she’s now beaten her old pre and post-pregnancy record!

After giving birth to two adorable children, Yanyah wishes to send a message to all new pregnant moms. She advises working on their pelvic floor all throughout pregnancy to help make their labor easier.

And in terms of diet, the mom says she didn’t restrict any foods but focused on consuming protein=rich meals that would give her body fuel for her heavy lifting routine.

Yanayah also urges moms to keep working out while pregnant.

She also tells new moms not to be in such a rush to lose their baby weight after pregnancy.

Despite her fantastic physique and super0human fitness levels, Yanyah still faces the cruelty of lazy internet trolls after sharing her story via Instagram.

However, it’s clear they are jealous of her fitness and success, and she brushes them off with ease.

You can watch Yanayah deadlifting over 124.7kg while pregnant in the video below.

Also, you can learn more about Yanayah’s incredible personal journey in her own words in the video below.

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