Husky Tells Mom He Wants A Bath And Throws A Hilarious Fit When She Says No

If you had to describe the dog breed Husky, how would you do it? Most people would say they are ‘sled dogs’ and they wouldn’t be far from the truth. Huskies were bred for the purpose of pulling sleds and living in the colder climates. They have a lot of energy, which is necessary for doing the hard work they were bred to do in the frozen wilderness. Then again, there are plenty of huskies that are never in the snow and some of them live indoors all of the time. The coat of Husky allows them to handle very cold temperatures but they do well in the home as well.

One of the things that you would learn about huskies is the fact that they are very beautiful animals. They typically have pale blue eyes but there are also times when their eyes are multiple colors. Something else that you would quickly learn about a Husky is the fact that they tend to howl instead of barking and they can be very vocal. They are a working dog breed and a loyal companion but if you talk to them, they will often talk back to you and not always in the way that you want. They also are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

There are some dogs that enjoy taking a bath and some who avoid it at all costs. They will fight you tooth and nail to keep from having to get in the tub but this Siberian Husky, named Zeus, absolutely loves taking a bath. He does it whenever he can and when he is told no, he has a temper tantrum that you see in this video.

Zeus not only wants to take a bath, he has been hanging out in the bathtub. All his owner has to do is reach over and turn on the water but instead, she says that he should get out of the tub. He decides he is going to beg and plead for her to run the bath water and it is rather dramatic.

Some dogs may want to go out for a walk but Zeus would rather play in the tub. He isn’t like most dogs but he is certainly earning his reputation as a ‘stubborn Husky’. He even has his own Facebook page!

You can see him throwing a fit in this video:

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