Hilarious Dog Wants To Stretch Out, Finds The Perfect Place To Nap

What do you enjoy doing when you are on vacation? Some people enjoy an active vacation and they made find themselves skiing, hiking or rock climbing in order to unwind and relax. I would have to say the majority of those who are on vacation, however, don’t necessarily want to be active but they want to kick back and relax. They may even find themselves doing it on the weekends so they get a little taste of vacation without going anywhere.

It seems as if people are not the only ones who want to relax in such a way. This video shows that dogs also enjoy relaxing and if you have a dog in your life, you realize that they are champions when it comes to napping. In fact, it sometimes seems that dogs will only wake up from a nap so that they can go find another place to take a nap. They will follow the sunlight coming in the window and if you give them the opportunity, they will stretch out on the sofa or on the bed and snooze the day away.

This dog also enjoys taking naps but he doesn’t necessarily want to sleep on the sofa, he wants to sleep in a hammock. He realizes that swinging his afternoon away in a hammock is the most relaxing option available. As he approaches the hammock, his human begins taking a video because they know what is about to happen. He looks at it carefully, sizes things up and crawls right in. It isn’t long before he is making himself at home and we would have to say this probably isn’t the first time he has been in it.

You can watch this adorable dog in a hammock in this video:

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