Here Are 9 Creative Activities Under $10 To Keep Your Quarantined Kiddos Amused For Hours

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing all over the world, many parents are looking for ways to keep their kiddos entertained without leaving them in front of the TV or their smart devices all day. With a lot of families spending more time together than they’ve probably spent in years, there are bound to be a lot of frustrated parents who just need a break as well as bored kids in need of new activities. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a bunch of expensive board games or breakout the old clown costume; you can keep your little ones happy, amused, and out of your hair for hours with a few simple ideas that cost under $10. Here are nine fantastic ideas.

1. Paper Towel Basketball

Since your little ones can’t go to the basketball court, you can bring it to them! All you need is a bit of masking tape, an empty paper towel roll, and something small to use as balls, such as pom-poms or any other ping pong balls. You can even have dunk races to see who can dunk the most balls within a set amount of time. Just have your little ones run back and forth from the bowl of balls to the goal. Not only will this keep them entertained, its great exercise and can tucker them out by bedtime!


2. Marble Race Track

All you need for this game is a few marbles and a pool noodle. Just chop the noodle in half set the two pieces up with one end elevated slightly. Then you just set the bottom ends into a modified cardboard box and see how you can get more marbles into the box. This is also a good racing game if you make them run, hop or duck walk to the box to get more marbles.

3. Indoor Camping

Who says you can’t go camping indoors? Just set up a tent and use your imagination to recreate this fun family outdoor activity in the comfort of your own home.

4. Stomp Paintings

Get your kids into creating works of art with stomp painting. All you need is some small bubble wrap, some water-based paint, and a large sheet.

5. Toy Car Roadways

If your kid loves cars, you can make them their very own toy car roadway using masking tape. You can even make a small city with different buildings and places that will have your kids driving around for hours.

6. Driveway Games

If you’ve got a driveway and some chalk, you can create tons of fun outdoor games for your kiddos. There games such as hop-scotch and bean bag toss (using a wet sponge) that will keep your kids busy while soaking in some vitamin D.

7. Trowing Tarp

Another fun outdoor game involves creating your own throwing tarp. You just need some scissors, a marker, a bit of tape, rope, and of course, a tarp. You can even set up different sized holes that are worth fewer or more points depending on their location and size. And technically, you can also set this up indoors, just make sure you have an area where they can’t break anything, like a garage or empty room. And, if you don’t have bean bags, so wet sponges should also do the trick.

8. Balloon Ping Pong

All you need for this simple game of table ping pong is a balloon, paper plates, and some pop circle sticks. You can also use rulers or any other kind of then stick for the handle. Your kids will work up a sweat playing this game for hours!

9. Pop Corn Olympics

Although we always tell our children not to play with their food, during quarantine, a few pieces of popcorn may be turned into a lot of fun games. All you need are a few straws, and you can create your own games such as popcorn races and popcorn pong.

Those were just a few suggestions, here’s a video with a few more fun ideas.

Source: Tip Hero

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