He Delivers One of the Funniest Leadership Speeches Ever — Over 9 Million Views

Leadership. It’s a word that’s so overused in the business world, mainly because it’s always under practiced. If you’ve worked for any company, there’s a good chance you’ve been to one or two “leadership” classes where they teach you how to be a better employee. Most of the speakers are upbeat, very engaging, and can leave some great gems of advice. Unfortunately, for most managers, this information goes in one ear and out the other, which can be a kind of an issue if they are your “leaders.” But, for the most part, these leadership speeches are almost always instantly forgettable, except for maybe one.

This video, uploaded in 2008, features an author named Dusty Thompson, who wrote a self-published book called “A Gone Pecan.” Now, at first glance, the word “interesting” did not jump out at me when I first saw Dusty walk on stage. Except for his size, he has an almost unremarkable appearance. However, when he starts talking about his days growing up in “the boonies” of Texas, you’re immediately sucked in.[1]

Image Source: YouTube

Dusty explains the challenges he faced growing up as the son of a hyper-aggressive “red meat” conservative parent who forced him to play American football for years. He explains how he wasn’t particularly keen on contact sports and did everything humanly possible to avoid contact whenever possible — not an easy feat for a linebacker!

Image Source: YouTube

The author’s easy-flowing speaking style is truly something to behold as he tells a funny story without over-exaggeration or gimmicks. He has a very down-to-earth personality that makes his story easy for many of us to relate to while teaching you the importance of finding your groove in life.

Image Source: YouTube

Dusty’s biggest lesson is that you should never let anyone crush your dreams or repress your true personality. Dusty is unapologetically himself, which is something true leaders should always be and encourage in those they lead.

Check out Dusty’s amazing speech below and judge for yourself.

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