Groom and His Mates Put On Hilarious Surprise Dance Performance for His Beautiful Bride

Weddings can be pretty boring, scripted affairs where every little thing is planned down to the last detail. They are rare occasions when people take chances to be entertaining. After all, there’s a reason such actions are called “putting yourself out there.” You never know just quite how things will turn out. Will your guests find your antics entertaining, or will you be met with stunned silence and murmurs? That’s the chance you take if you want to stand out, and that’s just what one husband and his friends decided to do for his wedding in a very big way.

Image Source: YouTube

According to Mark Sartor, the groom who uploaded the video:

“I came up with this dance as a surprise for my beautiful wife with my mates. We practised every Wednesday night in my garage for 3 months prior to our wedding. We drank, we ate and we danced every week. My wife had no idea what we were up to, I told her a white lie that she actually believed. She believed I was in a ten pin bowling team, her reaction is priceless! Best surprise.”[1]

Image Source: YouTube

We’d say it was quite a surprise as the look on his bride’s beaming face says it all!

Image Source: YouTube

You can watch the entire performance in the video below.

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