Girl Begs Him Not To Leave After Her Mom Wants $47K For Marriage

A video showed up on Chinese social networks that really has people talking. A girl is seen in the video kneeling and asking for her boyfriend not to break up with her.

The boyfriend was crying as his girlfriend knelt in front of him letting her know that the girl’s mother had demanded $47,000 for the wedding. He said that he couldn’t marry her, and begged her to let him go. He said that his parents have suffered a lot as a result of it.

It seems as if the young couple knew each other because they were introduced by their relatives. This is not uncommon in that part of the world. They live in a city that has a lot of technology and although there isn’t much money, people are happy.

Unfortunately, the families of both of these young lovers want nothing more than to make some money from the opportunity. They had been together for two years and they wanted to spend the rest of their life together but things did not go well.

According to some reports, the young girl knew that her family wanted her to marry a rich man but she had fallen in love with this other man, who was born to a poor family. She didn’t want her parents to know the truth but now it was too late and she couldn’t hide it any longer.

Since the woman’s parents were in disagreement with the marriage, they wanted $47,000 as a bride price. The man’s family had no way to pay the dowry so he had to separate from her.

He had to make a decision, should he pay the price or let his girlfriend go. They assumed that they had to break up because there couldn’t be in agreement on the marriage.

The young woman was crying and begging for him not to leave hoping that they could find a way to get together despite the difficulties. Eventually, he sent her a breakup message and she ran to him.

That is when you see what is in the pictures. The young man could not stand there but he knew that he couldn’t help his girlfriend to know how he felt. He had to push her away and walk away from the relationship.

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