Every Day Kindhearted Life Guards Carry 95-Year-Old Woman So She Can Enjoy the Beach

The world can be a very dark and cruel place. Every day we watch and read about new stories showing the very worst side of humanity. It’s because of this flood of depressing news that we sometimes forget just how much good there is in the world. This is why we love celebrating those people who remind us of humanity’s true potential as they give us hope for the future.

When we see our parents going through health issues, it can really put things into perspective.

Kimberly Waterbury understood this four years ago when she watched her 95-year-old mother suffer a stroke.

After the health scare, she decided that she would document every single memory so she and her mother could look through them together in a special book. And looking back, they saw that they’d taken a lot of fun trips together.

However, one special trip stood out, a trip to a beach in Alabama.

After viewing the trips and pictures in their family memory book, Kimberly’s mother, Dottie Schneider, desperately wished she could revisit the beach.

That’s when the daughter had an idea. Why not plan another trip to the beach?

Kimberly said that they planned their beach vacation for months.

Dottie really wanted to revisit the beach.

During their long-awaited trip, Kimberly’s best friend joined them. Dottie said she would love to feel the soft and warm sand underneath her feet once again.

So Kimberly set a plan in motion to help make that wish a reality. Kimberly had challenges pushing her mother’s wheelchair through the sand to get to the beach at the hotel.

She had a bad wrist, and pushing the wheelchair was no easy task as it didn’t roll very well through the deep sand.

When a lifeguard with the Orang Beach Surf Rescue noticed Kimberly’s plight, he decided to step in and help two ladies out.

Lifeguard Shane Martin pulled up and asked them if they needed assistance.

Martin then drove Dottie the entire distance to their beach chairs and umbrella. And upon arriving close to their destination, he did something remarkable.

The lifeguard even carried Dottie in his strong arms and gently placed her into her chair, ensuring she was totally comfortable.

For the rest of the week, other lifeguards stepped up and did the same thing for Dottie every day of her visit.

The lifeguard coordinated with Kimberly to meet the ladies at the top of the beach and ensure that Dottie had a nice, cool, comfortable spot. They took care of everything!

Kimberly said that these kindhearted lifeguards “made their entire trip.”

You can also watch a special news report about this heartwarming story below.

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