During Christmas Season, Hospital’s Sent Babies Home In Stockings For Over 50 Years

While medicine has come a long way, science can still not predict with 100 percent accuracy the exact day a newborn chooses to enter the world. Babies don’t “reschedule” for their parent’s convenience; this means when it’s time, one way or the other, the mom’s going to give birth. And often, moms find that babies wish to arrive while their right in the middle of doing other things like Christmas shopping or putting up decorations. Maybe this is one reason why for the last 50 years, a hospital has made it a tradition to send newborn babies home in Christmas stockings.

At Methodist Children’s Hospital in Texas, a volunteer group called the “Bluebirds of Methodist Hospital” creates the stockings. The idea was thought up by someone at the San Antonio hospital over 50 years ago, and since then, whenever children are born during the Christmas season, they are delivered to their parents in a special red stocking. The Bluebirds also make adorable little hats for the babies as well. And since that time, other hospitals in Texas have followed their example.

For Example, Mount Auburn Hospital has had a similar program for the last 12 years. Volunteers really enjoy their work. However, it’s the parents who get the biggest kick out of it.

These lucky folks are sure to cherish these adorable stockings and caps for many years to come.

Janie De Lare was born on Christmas Day, and when she had her baby, she brought her newborn home in the same stocking she went home in some 18 years ago.

It looks like this is beautiful tradition parents of many generations will carry on.

You can watch a heartwarming video about this story below.

And for even more baby stocking cuteness, you can watch a video about Mount Auburn’s stocking program below.