Man Squeezes Himself In Small Red Speedo And Quickly Goes Viral

There is an old saying that it takes all types of people to make the world go round. Most of us understand the truthfulness of that saying and the fact that if it weren’t for the diversity that we see in the world, we would really be missing out on a lot of what it had to offer. At times, this fact may be seen in a very touching way, perhaps with those who are closest to us. At other times, however, it may be seen by means of an Internet video. Even though we might not know the people personally, by the time we watch them for just a few moments, we suddenly realize that they have added a lot to our life. At times, it may even be added in the most unusual way.

That fact is clearly seen in the following video. It involves a man who is dancing, which isn’t all that unusual when you stop to think about it. Of course, there are people who are born to dance and they may end up entertaining millions of people because of their creativity and the beauty of what they are able to do on the dance floor. Other people, however, dance like nobody’s watching and perhaps that is best, because their particular style of dance is not always going to be the greatest. When it comes to the man in this video, who is lovingly referred to as Big Bear, we see that it is a combination of the two. He’s got the style and the moves, but he also has a big belly and a red speedo.

As you watch Big Bear dancing at the poolside while listening to Justin Timberlake, you really begin to realize that he has quite an ability to dance. It’s not dancing like nobody’s watching, he’s got some pretty good moves and he isn’t afraid to show them.

The problem is, you don’t see many big-bellied men with red Speedos dancing around the swimming pool and walk away thinking that you’ve seen something awesome. When you watch this man dancing, however, you walk away knowing that he added something interesting to your life.

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