Dog Reacts Quickly When Little Puppy Farts In Her Face

When siblings play with each other, it is enjoyable to watch. Of course, there are going to be times when things don’t go quite as smoothly as we would hope but in the end, we know that they love each other and they are often the first best friend that they have.

It seems as if this is not only true of humans but it can also be true of the animal kingdom. Just imagine some of the videos you have seen of wild animals playing with each other when they were only little babies. It’s amazing how much they learn from each other and how they get along.

Just like in a human family, however, there are going to be times when siblings in the animal kingdom don’t get along very well. It seems as if that may be the case with Mac the corgi and his little baby sister, Lacey.

Mac and Lacey are having a lot of fun. With Mac enjoying laying down a little bit and Lacey running around growling, it seems as if it is playtime and they are all too happy to do it. That is when something happens that is unthinkable, and it probably reminds many of us of being little children with our siblings.

Lacey is playing nice with Mac but suddenly, she stops and turns around. That is when she farts in Max’s face and the look on his face is so precious that you are going to want to watch this video twice.

Source: YouTube

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