Dog Keeps Barking To Warn Others About An Abandoned Baby

When most of us hear a dog barking in the distance, our first instinct is to try to tune it out. After all, a dog can bark for a wide variety of reasons and in most cases, it really doesn’t involve us. On occasion, however, we may have a dog that is persistent when it barks, perhaps even when it does not typically do so. If that is the case, we begin to wonder if the dog is trying to tell us something. Of course, it is often our imagination that is just getting away from us but every once in a while, we do hear about a dog that barks for all the right reasons. This is one of those times.

It happened in the Philippines when a dog was barking relentlessly. After a while, a biker named Junrell Fuentes Revilla was passing by and they decided to stop and see why the dog was barking. It was a rather pretty day outside, just perfect for a bike ride through the mountains in Sibonga, Cebu. Although this man was on an enjoyable trek through the mountains, he had to stop and wonder why the dog was barking. Fortunately, he did stop because it seems as if the barking was making noise for a very special reason and it ended up saving a life.

After Revilla stopped to check on the dog, the dog took the lead and ended up taking him to a dumpsite. He wanted to see why the dog was interested in the garbage area, but he wasn’t expecting to see what he saw. As it turns out, there was an abandoned baby lying in the grass, and without the heroic action of this pooch, the baby would not have lived.

Revilla didn’t hesitate, he went to a nearby police station and got the baby to help it needed. He was absolutely shocked that there would be a newborn in such an area, and the baby was only a few days old. The Department of social welfare got involved and took care of the baby and everyone was surprised with how much effort the dog put forth to make sure that he was safe. For dog lovers it was no surprise, we know just what they are capable of doing.

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