Do You See An Old Woman? You Better Look Again

There’s an old saying that ‘seeing is believing’ and I think that most of us have used that saying at some point in our life. Quite simply, it means that when we see something in front of our face, there’s no reason for us to not believe it exists.

Then again, we do know that there are occasions when we may see something that really tests our ability to see it for sure. This includes an optical illusion, which makes us feel as if we are looking at something that doesn’t really exist, or perhaps, we see something in our mind that isn’t there.

Those are interesting, but we have something even more interesting for you below. It has to do with art, and whether you are somebody who appreciates art or not, it is something that you will love seeing. After all, the person is doing something with electronic art that really is beyond what most of us can do.

The illustrator in this particular video is able to use technology in a way that outperforms many people who are able to paint with a paintbrush and canvas. When you first start watching the video, it is likely to be something that doesn’t catch your eye but soon, you will be tied to your screen.

The art techniques that are used allow him to blend from one phase to another and to watch somebody get progressively older as a result. In the end, you may be looking at an older woman but you also see everything that took her to get to that point. This includes being a baby, a teenager, a young mother, and a middle-aged woman.

I don’t know what it would take to develop this type of talent but one thing is certain, this one has my vote for amazing.

Source: YouTube

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