Cross The Road With Your Chicken Safely and In Style With These Snazzy Harnesses Sold on Amazon

Since the dawn of time, humankind has struggled with questions about the universe and the origins of life. And one question, in particular, has managed to illustrate this mystery perfectly, “Which came first? The Chicken or the Egg?” That question has been the subject of thousands, if not millions of heated debates over the years. And not just the drunk anecdotal debates you have with your uncle during Thanksgiving, but serious scholarly debates between eggheads with so many titles behind their names it’s ridiculous! But, one of my favorite philosophical questions asks something much more meaningful — “Why did the chicken cross the road.”

You see, this question doesn’t concern itself with how the chicken came to be, but rather the chicken’s purpose, why it’s doing what it does. This is by far the more valuable question, in my opinion. And now you and your favorite bird can ponder this great question safely and securely while crossing any road thanks to this line of incredible chicken harnesses made by a company called Yesito. They sell a large variety of colorful and ridiculously adorable chicken harnesses that will let your chicken strut her stuff in style! You can pick which color best suits your clucking besties’ personality.

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Life is crazy right now, so why not walk the chickens? Fluffy Duffy is more interested in eating then walking. #chickens #chickenleash #chickenharness #chickenwalk #crazychickenlady

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According to the company, the harnesses are quite comfortable and completely adjustable, allowing your chickens to freedom of movement while keeping them securely leashed.

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Yes! We got our boys Chicken Harnesses for Christmas and finally got to try them today. So much earth being moved around in our yard and then all the rain means the whole yard has been MUD but today is sunny so we have it a try. Clarice and Luna were the lucky (or unlucky) volunteers who got the first try. 😆😆. But surprisingly they didn’t resist too much and actually had a good time exploring around. Their sisters who were still inside the pen were rather concerned. Either that or they were jealous and wanted a turn too but we didn’t take too long because everyone was clucking their heads off. Tomorrow two new birds will get have a try or maybe later this afternoon LOL #chickenharness #chickensofinstagram #crazychickenlady #crazychickenkids #takeachickenforawalk #walkingthechickens #backyardchickens #welcometothefunnyfarm #ilovemychickens #chickenkids #chickenleash

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“No more feeling uncomfortable,” writes the company. “You will not worry that the chicken will get rid of harness when walking the chicken at street.”

In other words, your chicken won’t be able to cross the road unless you want it to.

“Teach your fowls to walk on a leash and find your peace of mind again,” write Yesito. Who would have guessed walking a chicken could have such deep philosophical meaning?

The harness is made from a breathable and durable mesh fabric that’s able to hold up under everyday use.

This trend is has caught on fast over the years, and there are even instructional videos and informative articles that can help you get your feathered friend all harnessed-up.


You can check out one of the videos below.

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