Couple Saves Shelter Cat And He Gives Them Big Hug In Return, Refuses To Let Go

One of the reasons why many of us appreciate having an animal in our life is because they provide us with unconditional love. It doesn’t matter what is going on in our lives or what we happen to be facing, we can always count on the fact that our pet will be there for us by our side. In fact, you may struggle to give back at least a little bit of what they provide to us, but we realize that we are never going to be able to fully pay them back.

This is seen in any animal that is in your home but when you rescue one from a shelter, there seems to be a special bond. That is what happened with this couple from North Carolina who went to a shelter and rescue a cat. The little kitty was so happy to have a forever home that he cuddled his human with both of his paws and would not let them go.


Dan and Hannah were contacted by a volunteer with Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, an animal rescue in Maryland. There was a cat who needed fostering immediately.

The cat was nine years old and had been surrendered to a shelter in North Carolina. He was also in poor health. Dan said: “I took the afternoon off work and drove an hour to get him.”

The cat was shy when he came out to meet him. “Obviously, he had been neglected. He let out a meow that sounded like ‘no’ when he was to be put in the cat carrier for me to bring him home.”

Dan talk to him the entire ride home will keep the cat from getting overly excited.

“I told him I was going to get him all better and all cleaned up. I pet him as best as I could through the cat carrier bars,” Dan added.


The kitty got his very own living quarters in their guest bedroom. They brushed him and he loved it. They also gave him some medication to help his pain to subside and he started purring for a long time.

“We would spend as much time as possible brushing and petting him the first few hours. We got him calm enough to remove his fur mats and get his fur smooth.”


After he was brushed he held onto his human with both paws and would not let go. That is why they named him Huggs. Dan said: “I pulled him as a foster and knew the minute I met him that I was keeping him.”

Watch this adorable kitten in this video:

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