Cops Take A Break From The Bust To ‘Bust A Move’

When was the last time you heard your favorite song come on the radio? It can be quite unexpected and it can really move you when you hear it at the right time.

Most of us have experienced this at some point or another but we may not think about public servants experiencing it. We might just think that they are serious all the time, but you are about to have your world changed.

Being a police officer is difficult work. Many cops describe it as being hours of boredom punctuated by moments of terror. It certainly is true that you never know what you are in for from one day to the next.

With all that stress hanging over you, you sometimes need to just take a break and let off a little bit of steam. It seems as if that’s what these police officers wanted to do, and now all of us can enjoy it.

As you watch the cops sitting in the car below, you might not think much about it. Then again, you may not realize that they are about to bust a move to the song, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight.’

This song may be an old one but the cops do it absolute justice. It’s just something that you have to see to appreciate for yourself.

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