Child Wakes Up From Surgery And Learns Doctors Did Something Without Telling Parents

Undergoing surgery can be a terrifying experience for anyone. But, for young children, this can be especially frightening. After all, these young ones have no idea what’s going on and frequently don’t understand what’s happening or why it is happening. They only know that they are going away from the people they love and trust and put into a scary situation that often involves being cut open by strangers.

When a child goes in for surgery, their world can seem very lonely, big, and scary. Thankfully, some kindhearted people take their feelings into account and do everything they can to reassure little ones that everything will be okay.

Folks like these help children feel more at ease. They also help their parents, who are equally if not more scared for their child.

A few years ago, a little boy underwent major surgery at the Childen’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Like so many kids, the child didn’t go into the operating theater alone. He had in tow a special friend to keep him company, in the form of a stuffed toy.

Stuffed toys are more than just cute objects. Children can be special things to focus all their courage on while they go through scary events. These toys are tangible proof that they are not alone and have a friend right by their side.

However, after the little boy woke up from surgery, he was shocked to discover that the doctor had done something unexpected.

And it turns out that it’s not the first time this doctor and his team have done it!

The doctor certainly has a big heart. Just imagine the comfort a child must feel having their best friend there to go through the same experience they are?

He even gave Elmo an x-ray on one occasion when the stuffed toy wasn’t feeling quite as ticklish as it should.

Who knows? Maybe the good doctor discovered the source of Elmo’s giggle?

Holly Decker Lamb brought her daughter to have a cochlear ear implant surgery.

You can see just how much this meant to Holly’s little angel.

Dr. Groth even gave the Cookie Monster a special bandage in another case.

As you can see, Cookie Monster made a full recovery alongside his best friend.

You can also watch a video below featuring Dr. Groth and his team showing how they brighten the lives of the children they heal.

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