Check Your Berries For Bugs With A Little Salt Water

Ever since we were little children, we were told that an important part of staying healthy was eating our fruits and vegetables. This included eating berries, as they contain a lot of antioxidants, along with vitamins and minerals that really can make us feel good and actually be healthier. There is a problem that most people don’t know about, however, and that is the fact that berries are not always the cleanest when we pick them up at the store. Of course, they may run them through a rinse every once in a while and we may rinse them at home, but unless you clean them properly, you really don’t know what you are eating.

That is where a viral video on TikTok comes in. In the video, a woman takes the strawberries that she recently purchased and talks about how she would typically clean them by rinsing them with water. I’m sure that all of us clean our strawberries and other berries in a similar way. The problem is, however, if you don’t soak your fruit properly, you don’t really know what is on the inside, I’m not talking about vitamins and minerals, I’m talking about the possibility for some little critters crawling out. There is not any special type of cleaner or baking soda that can do this, you have to soak them in saltwater for about 30 minutes.

As it turns out, it’s not a surprise to those who know what is going on that the little bugs exist inside of strawberries and other berries. They are there because female fruit flies inject their eggs into the fruit and you end up with Spotted Wing Drosophila on the inside. Most of us eat them without really thinking about it but when we see them in action, it really makes us think twice about the berries we have been eating.

What might surprise you even more is the fact that the FDA is completely aware that these little bugs exist in the food that we are eating. They end up in the food while it is being harvested or packaged and they just don’t say anything about it. The good news is, they don’t harm your health but once you know they are there, you can’t un-see it.


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